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''Patient Friendly and Smart Healthcare''

Dear participants of the 1st International 11th Conference of Health and Hospital Administration;

We would like to thank you for your support to our congressional efforts to address the developments and problems that have arisen in the field of health management in the world and in Turkey with a scientific point of view.

We are witnessing some initials at the congress.We have earned the title of being the first international congress of health and hospital administration.The other important issue is that the participation of many sector representatives other than academicians and students in the Congress and that the private health sector is being represented as well. Also, the participation of publishers in the field of health is very satisfied us.

Our paper has exceeded our count of 270.However, about 250 paper will be represented at the congress. We will be witnessing a full scientific program for two days with 35 papers sessions, two invited speaker panels, a panel to be discussed about private hospitals and a congress course in two sessions.

On the third day of the Congress, we will hope to provide an enjoyable weekend for our congress participants with alternative Black Sea tours.

As information is shared and discussed, it gains value. From this point of view;

I hope you shared your knowledge and experience with academicians, students, and sector employees; and

I hope our science festival make us all better…  thank you…

Assoc. Prof. Sedat BOSTAN


Conference Chair


(October 13-15, 2017 Hilton Garden Inn, Trabzon)

  1. The 10.th congress which was organized by Başkent University last year and this congress which was carried out  by a university which has the department of Health Management every year beside this name which the only congress of those who have done scientific work in the field of Health Management is "Congress of Health and Hospital Administration". This year, with the cooperation of Gümüşhane University and Karadeniz Technical University, the congress was held at Trabzon Hilton Garden Inn between 13-15 October 2017 by preserving national characteristics and gaining international dimension.

  2. The congress began with the official opening ceremony on Friday, October 13 at 09.00.

  3. The congress has attracted 300 people from different countries, different universities of Turkey, public and private organizations

  4. From Moscow State University Professor Oleg Medvedev's "The Importance of Mobile Health in terms of Physician-Patient Relations"  and from the American University of Bulgaria Professor Arthur Pandelites "Strategic Perspective on the Future of the Health Sector"  were included in the congressional panels and a session on "Private Hospitals" was held with the participation of managers from the private sector.

  5. In the Congress in order to increase the quality of scientific studies carried out in the field of health management, a course program with the participation of about 40 people titled "Critical Perspective, Conceptualization and Originality in Scientific Studies" was conducted by the Professor and a certificate was given to the participants.

  6. 240 Oral and 10 poster total 250 papers presentations were presented with four session, in four hall for two days.

  7. The declarations are in accordance with the congress theme, which is determined as "Patient Friendly and Smart Health Services"; scientific studies conducted in the field of health technology, health workers, patients, health education, health services management, organizational behavior, emergency health services, health economics and financing, disaster management, hospital management, health tourism and health management are categorized.

  8. Professor Adil Artukoğlu, who died in February 2017 and who has a special meaning for the field of Healthcare Administration, "Prof. Dr. Adil Artukoğlu Best Paper Award" was given to best ten paper in the congress for to memory of him.

  9. The presidents of the congress and the department heads of Health Management Departments were organized and negotiations, evaluations were held on the agenda of the field.

  10. Evaluated the requests from the different universities and decided to make the next congress by Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University to announce the date later.

  11. Alternative social programs for participants were held on Sunday, October 15, after the busy congress program.

  12. In order to disseminate the knowledge and experience that has emerged in the Congress, it has been decided that some of the works will be published in previously determined magazines and shared with related institutions and organizations, especially the Ministry of Health.

Prof. Dr. Ramazan ERDEM